How Can I Give?

During the annual campaign, state employees have the opportunity to make contributions to the charity or charities of their choice via an online pledge card (or a paper version requested from their agency coordinator). Through payroll deductions, employees may divide the annual contribution into smaller amounts which are deducted each pay period during the coming calendar year. While payroll deduction is the preferred method, contributions may also be made by check or money order. The pledge card filled out authorizing payroll deductions will be in effect until the end of the year or until revoked by you in writing, or you can opt in to a “continuous pledge” option where your donation is rolled over each year until revoked by you in writing.

How Much Should I Give?

All donations, large or small, are welcomed and greatly appreciated! Fifty cents (.50) per pay period to each charity designated is the minimum contribution if you choose payroll deduction. We encourage you to consider the many needs in your community and make the most generous gift possible.

Can I Choose Where I Want My Money To Go?

Yes! You are encouraged to choose those charitable organizations you want to benefit from your contribution. More than 600 approved charitable organizations are participating in the MSECC this year.

How Many Charities Can I Contribute To?

There is no limit to how many charities you can donate to. The online pledge card will allow you to add as many charities as you wish. If you request a paper pledge card, it has a space for you to designate contributions to up to eight charities. If you wish to designate to more than eight charities, you may complete a second paper pledge card.

How Do I Know What Services A Charity Provides?

Detailed information about all participating charitable organizations can be found under the  charities section of this website. Should you choose not to designate to specific charities, your contribution will be allocated to all charitable organizations in your region.

What Is A Federation?

A federation is an umbrella organization representing a group of non-profit charitable organizations known as their partner charities. Federations work to make it more efficient for a non-profit organization to work with the community by supplying cost-effective common fundraising, administrative and other services to its partner charities. Local United Ways, Community Health Charities, and Earth Share of Missouri are examples of Missouri-based federations. Other federations are made up of national and International partner charity organizations such as America’s Charities, Global Impact and Neighbor to Nation.

You may choose to donate to the federation directly, benefiting all partner charities affiliated with that federation, or you may donate to a specific partner charity.

Whether or not an organization is affiliated with a federation is noted in each organization’s full description in the  charities section of this web site.

How Do I Know Which Charity Code To Use?

Some charities (American Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts) have several different charity code numbers. From the  charities section on the web-site, click on the charity name, if the charity is a partner charity of a federation, the name of the federation will be listed in the “ federation lead organization” section (specific United Way, Earth Share etc.). Independent charities are not affiliated with a federation.

What Is Century Club Plus?

With a contribution of $5 or more per pay period (at least $120 per year), employees may become Century Club Plus members. Employees wishing to be recognized for their contribution of $120 or more per year must check the appropriate box on their pledge card. At the conclusion of the annual campaign, the MSECC will acknowledge the Century Club Plus members who indicated they wish to be recognized.

If I Make A Donation To Charity, Will My Name Be Released To The Charity?

Employees who want their name released to the charities they support must authorize the MSECC to provide their name and home address to the charities by checking the appropriate box on their pledge card. If the charity is a partner charity of a federation, it is the federation’s responsibility to inform partner charities of donor information.

Which Charities Are Eligible To Be In The MSECC?

Any charitable organization providing direct human health and welfare services, including those that deal with the environment, wildlife or habitat conservation may participate in the campaign provided it meets the following requirements:

  • The organization must be non-profit and tax-exempt under the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and any relevant state laws.
  • The organization must be a corporation in good standing and duly registered with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.
  • The organization’s financial records must be audited by an independent auditor if it receives $100,000 or more per year from all funding sources.
  • The organization shall indicate its administrative costs as a percentage of its total expenses for the last full fiscal year (refer to IRS Form 990).
  • The organization operates without illegal discrimination (religious, racial or otherwise) in employment, delivery of services, and distribution of funds.
  • The organization provides direct human health and welfare services, including those supporting the environment, wildlife, or habitat conservation.
  • A detailed annual budget is approved by the organization’s governing body in a format consistent with annual financial statements.
  • A report detailing the activities of the organization is made available to the general public on an annual basis.
  • The organization raises funds from one or more of the following methods:
  • community-wide solicitation
  • statewide solicitation
  • nationwide solicitation organized with a national board of directors or affiliated with a national board of directors which regularly undertake fundraising activities at that level.
  • The organization has an active governing board which meets at least quarterly. If board members serve with compensation, the amount of compensation and justification must be submitted with the application.
  • All organizations receiving monies from the MSECC shall prominently display that fact in all their promotional materials.
How Are Recipient Charities Chosen To Participate In The MSECC?

Charitable organizations wishing to participate in the MSECC must apply for admission every two years. The application can be found on this website ( see application) and must be completed and submitted to the MSECC office by the established deadline. The application and required supporting documentation will be reviewed to determine eligibility.

How Much Does It Cost To Operate The Campaign And Who Pays For It?

The MSECC is a self-supporting fund raising effort which is authorized by state statute (Sec. 33.103, RSMo). All expenses associated with the campaign are paid from the proceeds of the campaign. There are no public monies used in direct support of MSECC, although the Office of Administration does operate and maintain the payroll deduction system. The campaign’s administrative cost percentage varies from year to year; however the average cost for the last five years is less than 10%. The MSECC is among the most cost-efficient fundraising mechanisms available to support charitable work.

Is My Payroll Deduction Taken Out Before Or After Taxes?

Your MSECC contribution is taken out after  taxes and is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can use your end of the year pay stub to show the yearly contribution made to the MSECC for tax purposes. Your pledge card only shows the amount pledged – therefore is not sufficient documentation for tax purposes.